Why Do We Need Skin Treatments? 

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Skin treatment doesn’t just enhance the way we look it has a lot of benefits as well it removes harmful dirt’s and particles from the skin and keep your skin healthy and for you to look radiant as well. Having good skin doesn’t only make you look good or pleasing having a good skin and maintaining it is for your health.

Benefits of Skin Treatments

  • Improves Health
  • Even Skin tones
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Less acne scarring
  • Rejuvenation
  • Unclogged pores
  • A fresh and healthy feeling
  • Keeps you glowing

Microblading eyebrows Seattle offers a lot of skin and facial treatment that could help you get a healthier and glowing skin that you want. Our goal is to provide the best skin and facial treatments with a lot of different techniques that will suit your skin needs. Our experts will provide the best deep clean that your skin deserved we offer different products as well for you to maintain that wonderful skin. Our company specializes in beauty not only that we have skin treatments you can also see a lot of services that we offer at a reasonable price. So always make sure to take good care of your skin. That is important and it is the cover that protects our body it deserves the care that it needs.

Different Kind of Skin Treatment Products and Techniques


1. Facial steaming – steaming helps smoothens your skin and open your pores so dirt and other substance can come out of your skin.

2. Facial Treatment – the most common and popular treatment it cleanses skin a lot of different ways, from cleaning, facial massages, mask, and a lot more

3. Wrapping

4. Exfoliation – removal of dead skin

5. Pore cleansing – open pores attract a lot of dirt and you can really see it from the skin it provides a different color that is not pleasing to the eyes.

6. Waxing – are classified in two hard wax and the soft ones it is a process to remove from the roots and unwanted roots.

7. Extraction

8. Microdermabrasion – it is a machine that smoothens face it’s like a process of sanding it

9. Chemical peels (light, medium, and deep) – an exfoliation process that helps improves skin brightness and tone.


  • Lotion
  • Wraps
  • Clay
  • Gel
  • Masks
  • Scrubs
  • Moisturizers

Few Tips From Us to Have the Best Skin Ever

  • Have a steam bath and do a steam massage – giving your face a soft massage in circular motion increases good blood circulation
  • Exfoliate your skin with Warm cloth
  • Use a face mask
  • Always apply moisturizers to keep skin smooth and hydrated
  • Use facial mask overnight – using charcoal facial mask is highly recommended for deep clean
  • Drink lots of water – keep your body hydrated drinking lots of fluid help you get a very healthy skin
  • Drink tea – detoxify, let all the bad things inside your body go out
  • Exercise

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